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  • Little Canada
  • Brendar
  • Footlogix
  • Proof Experiences
  • Conflow
  • Halo Metrics
  • RealTax
  • Argentum Law
  • PTPA
  • Greenshift
  • Schuit
  • Cause Leadership
  • La Siesta Egypt
  • BDC
  • Brick & Co. Restorations Ltd.
  • Tower Solutions Inc.
  • North American School of Podology
  • Implosive Sleeves Corporation
  • Isherwood Geostructural Engineers
  • Keltech Stainless Steel Motors and Stainless Steel Gear Motors
  • Ontario Tax Sales
  • Monir Precision Monitoring

We have successfully completed hundreds of consulting assignments helping our clients succeed and take their business to the next level. Our clients are the ones best qualified to comment on our service and our contribution to their business. We leave our reputation with confidence in their hands.

What our clients are saying:


Hugh’s depth of knowledge and keen business acumen has helped Jam Van to harness its competitive edge and solidify its stake in the retail and advertising market.  Hugh has worked closely with our senior executives to set benchmarks and develop strategies which has resulted in excellent growth of our top and bottom line over the past three years.

I have recently enlisted the services of The BDC Consulting Group with Hugh Latif as head consultant to prepare a marketing plan. This plan is required to introduce two new product lines which my company, Custom Thermal Applications Inc., is now presenting.

Hugh, I just want to thank you for your high degree of professionalism in preparing the Strategic review Analysis & Recommendations. You pointed out our strengths and weaknesses in a very positive way. The way you presented our opportunities was exciting!

Having enlisted Hugh’s expertise during a critical phase in our company development, we find that his contribution was central to a fluid process and a successful outcome.

You have been on my mind for some time now! Thank you so much for all your help this spring. Your advise and assistance in planning the growth stages of Me on a "T" has enabled us to forecast and achieve great financial results in our second quarter.

Hugh brought a global perspective and insight into the process of marketing which we all found very useful. Hugh suggested new approaches to marketing and Collaboration which we are presently pursuing.

I am pleased the website is up and running. Thank you and Amir very much for the long hours of work and your patience. I am confident that good things will come out of it.

Fulton Windows contracted the services of Mr. Latif through the BDC Consulting Group in September 2004 and have retained him on contract through the present time. Hugh Latif worked with us initially to develop a comprehensive business strategy and plan.

We appreciate so much your interest in our programs and for being willing to do the research and preparation to help us understand the concept of "branding" and how we can use it to advertise our packaging services.