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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business? A business manager who wants to get promoted and move up the corporate ladder?

Feb 2024

Revisiting HR Exit Interviews

In a previous BLOG (Turnover Lessons) I discussed the importance of calculating the yearly employee turn-over rate, which is often not calculated by companies large and small. Reducing...

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Jan 2024

Balding for men is not that bad!

Happy New Year. Many men either through aging or by hereditary get bald. Male baldness is related to genes and male sex hormones. It usually follows a pattern of receding hairline...

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Jan 2024

Employee Engagement: Simple But Not Easy. Take the Test!

In my early days in management, I believed and subscribed to a Customer Focus philosophy, believing that a satisfied customer is the number one objective of any and all organisations....

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Nov 2023

Turnover Lessons

Reading and Managing Various Turnover Ratios Unlike those sugary rich pastries, business, the word turnover is used for calculating many important ratios. The two most common ones...

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Oct 2023

Learning from the Michelin Story

Never Underestimate Small Beginnings! Most of us recognise the MICHELIN brand name. This French multinational tyre manufacturer of Clemont-Ferrand in the Auvergne - Rhone - Alpes Region...

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Sep 2023

When Big Companies Have Big Fails. What Went Wrong?

Experience is one of our best learning tools because we learn by going through difficult situations. Experience is not academic. It is about experiencing life and business challenges,...

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Maverick Leadership

Practical business advice for growing and sustaining healthy growth of your top and bottom line…

"If racing against mere men makes you tired, how will you race against horses?"
Jeremiah 12:5

All across the globe, the unleashing of the entrepreneur has ushered in a new breed of business person. They are building companies from scratch that are carving out canyons of innovation, profit, tech and ways of doing business. To leave a legacy, you must build a rock-solid foundation. An immoveable foundation calls for maverick leadership to navigate the shifting sands of the new economy.

Maverick Leadership is the most prominent tool to get back to the magic of the basics.

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