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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business? A business manager who wants to get promoted and move up the corporate ladder?

Sep 2023

When Big Companies Have Big Fails. What Went Wrong?

Experience is one of our best learning tools because we learn by going through difficult situations. Experience is not academic. It is about experiencing life and business challenges,...

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Aug 2023

The Most Expensive Breaks, Ever

A recent article in a Canadian publication showed that the compensation of the top executives in Canada for 2022 is hitting a new record for all-time highs. The numbers are disturbing....

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Jul 2023

Managing Change is Not Easy

Research, essays, graduate theses, and books abound in explaining and recommending what to do when managing change. Managing change successfully, whether in our personal lives or professionally,...

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Jun 2023

Dangerous Marketing!

Marketing has many excellent definitions. It has been described as the activities a company undertakes to promote its brand and the selling of its products or services. It’s also...

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May 2023

How to Recognise Good, Genuine Leadership

What it takes to be a good leader appears to be one of the most important subjects researched and discussed today. Scrolling the themes touted on LinkedIn, leadership related topics...

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Apr 2023

Customers for Life… Part 2

Building relationships between people is powerful because people fundamentally buy from people. If you want to build trust with your customers, get to know them. They’ll come back...

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Maverick Leadership

Practical business advice for growing and sustaining healthy growth of your top and bottom line…

"If racing against mere men makes you tired, how will you race against horses?"
Jeremiah 12:5

All across the globe, the unleashing of the entrepreneur has ushered in a new breed of business person. They are building companies from scratch that are carving out canyons of innovation, profit, tech and ways of doing business. To leave a legacy, you must build a rock-solid foundation. An immoveable foundation calls for maverick leadership to navigate the shifting sands of the new economy.

Maverick Leadership is the most prominent tool to get back to the magic of the basics.

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"Hugh is very knowledgeable in business operations and how to plan strategically for controlled growth. Our team has great ideas, but we lack at planning and implementation. With Hugh’s guidance we feel confident that we will now be able to move forward and make some great progress. Hugh was understanding of our daily workload but reminded us of our desire to grow and the importance to put the effort in for great rewards in the future."

Cathy Dignard
VP Finance/Administration

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Proverbs 27:17

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