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We have successfully completed hundreds of consulting assignments helping our clients succeed and take their business to the next level. Our clients are the ones best qualified to comment on our service and our contribution to their business. We leave our reputation with confidence in their hands.

What our clients are saying:


It is difficult to find a matching advisor, but you have certainly taken the first prize. Thank you for being at my side and help me walk the right path.

We have been getting a very good feedback from different banks regarding the Business Plan you did help us produce.

We had a vision and great ideas, but we were spinning our wheels managing the ups and downs of day-to-day business.  Hugh’s review prompted us to take action to promote company growth and profitability.

Hugh Latif was hired to provide our company with a Strategic Plan primarily to assist management in developing a strategy and a road map for future growth and profitability.

Hugh has integrity and is extremely intelligent. He has many unique skills currently unavailable in his industry.

Hugh Latif was recommended to our company thru BDC. We needed an outside objective approach to re-organizing and re-financing with a view towards increased Market share and a return to profitability.

We at Isherwood and Monir would like to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts thus far. You share your expertise with a warmth and irresistible energy that make it a pleasure to work with you.

We brought Hugh in to help us plan for expected major growth in the coming 1-3 years. Hugh worked with us in the development of a three year strategic plan that is essentially the roadmap that shows how to get to where we want to be.

As successful small business owners and entrepreneur's the value of implementing a successful Succession Plan is a key ingredient of our retirement plan. Thus we both attended a high cost, 4 week intensive workshop put on by another Company.

Working with Hugh Latif has been the best thing to happen to Kiddie Kobbler™ Limited in many years.  With his help we are gaining positive feedback for the processes and materials he has played a large part in creating.