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A Strategy for a new NAFTA

Posted on February 08

Much is being written about NAFTA as the U.S., Canada and Mexico renegotiate this trade agreement. With so much conflicting information, viewpoints and theories, I decided to do my own research and reach my own conclusions which culminate in four suggestions that could bring a fresh look to NAFTA.

(Helping young entrepreneurs invest for long term capital growth)

If you are a young private investor looking to achieve a consistent reasonable return on your investment in stocks, selecting exclusively companies that pay a dividend may be a good recipe you would like to consider. I will share with you my experience and hope you find it helpful and practical. As always, I will give you my recipe, you put your ingredients.

Business Failures

Posted on November 13

The media has been covering the failure of SEARS CANADA, which filed for protection in June, and Toys R Us, which recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy with a $3.1-billion financing package. That was the largest ever for a retailer. Most experts agree that  the changing preferences and shopping habits of consumers are behind these large business failures, and there is no doubt that online shopping and reduced traffic to traditional shopping malls have something to do with challenges  most retailers now face.

A company wants to speed up its growth, gain new resources and/or assets. Going "solo" through organic growth may work but takes longer to achieve. So the company considers acquisition. It's like constructing a new house versus buying an existing one. Buying an existing house makes you the owner overnight compared to having to wait until the new house is built.

The Government of Ontario is proposing radical changes that will affect business and employees across the province. With little warning, negligible consultation, and economic impact research, the government is setting the province in a new direction. Here is a quick summary of five key changes:

Recently I received two emails: “No poets are accepted at the office” (instead of pets). Another wrote: “I need an assistant that is efficient, cheerful and reproductive under pressure.”

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