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We have successfully completed hundreds of consulting assignments helping our clients succeed and take their business to the next level. Our clients are the ones best qualified to comment on our service and our contribution to their business. We leave our reputation with confidence in their hands.

What our clients are saying:


Hugh is very knowledgeable in business operations and how to plan strategically for controlled growth. Our team has great ideas but we lack at planning and implementation. With Hugh’s guidance we feel confident that we will now be able to move forward and make some great progress. Hugh was understanding of our daily workload but reminded us of our desire to grow and the importance to put the effort in for great rewards in the future.

Thank you Hugh for the excellent training on supervisory skills that you provided for our management staff. Thank you especially for customizing the program to suit our needs using situations and examples that spoke directly to our work environment.

Hugh, I was very impressed with your professionalism. You exhibited the same enthusiasm from the very start we have met to the end of our business together.

Hugh Latif has provided thorough training and consultation services for the management team at WEBNEWS PRINTING INC during the year 2009. As a direct result of his effort, WEBNEWS has identified key performance ratios and has therefore created a management control system that has already proved to be a highly useful tool to the future growth of the company.

I’ve also been working with Terry Lewis and his associates for seven or eight months. Terry is a joy to work with! His expertise, project management skills and interpersonal skills are superb.
Besides the excellent work that you did, I also greatly appreciate the superb people that you put me in touch with.

Hugh has not only assisted my firm with a Strategic Plan, he has also informally presented me personally with what I have called my own personalized MBA program.

We are honored to be able to report that we are very satisfied with Hugh Latif’s services. We have been able to implement almost all of his suggestions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts in helping our organization to put together a plan of action for the future. Your dedication to our needs and professionalism were very much appreciated.

Au cours des dernieres années, les conseils et interventions de M. Hugh Latif ont été trés profitables. Hugh nous permet de voir clair en sachant bien cerner les données d'un probleme.

Je tiens à te remercier pour l’excellent document que tu nous as présenté dans le cadre du mandat que nous t’avons confié sur l’étude de marché des parcs de la région de Toronto. Tu as su rassembler les informations pertinentes qui nous donnent une idée précise de la situation de ce marché.