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Hugh Latif In The Media

Hugh Latif, president at Hugh Latif & Associates Management Consultants discusses why he is optimistic about a turnaround at Sobeys with the new CEO of the parent company, Michael Medline.

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The chief executive officer of Wal-Mart Canada Corp. is touring a supercentre in Ancaster that is designed for the digital age.

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Donald Trump's leadership style has changed quite a bit since he became the President.

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In many ways, the position of president of the United States is similar to that of a CEO and, just like any chief executive of a corporation, the new president should choose the team with great care. Now that the American election is behind us and the U.S. government is making the transition from the Obama team to the Trump team, there has been a lot of attention about perceived conflicts involving the incoming administration.

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I recently had the opportunity to discuss Mergers and Acquisitions with Mark Borkowski from Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions Corporation.

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In the recent election, American voters had a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and between two different types of leaders.

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President-Elect Donald Trump’s leadership style has been both praised and criticized for being controversial. Watch the interview for a closer look at Trumps style.

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Trump buy or not Trump buy, that is the controversial question

An emotional boycott crying out for consumers to punish about 40 Donald Trump-associated retailers in order to hurt the businessman and president-elect in his ever-sensitive wallet, has weakened to an online whimper.

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Teamwork is critical to starting and maintaining a successful business, there are three important areas for entrepreneurs to look for support: sales, operations, and administration.

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