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  • Maverick Leadership Book

    Maverick Leadership
    Practical Advice For General Managers, Entrepreneurs & CEOs

    by Hugh Latif (Author)


    Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business? A business manager who wants to get promoted and move up the corporate ladder?

    Then you need to become a MAVERICK LEADER.


    Learn what it means to be a Maverick Leader, and how to get there, in this easy to read, very thorough book written by Hugh Latif, an executive and consultant with over forty years of hands-on business experience.

    Maverick Leadership is a must read for developing leadership, financial, marketing and operational skills. It clearly explains the fundamentals of business, covering all functional areas, and how to take a strategic, “big picture” approach to driving business growth or to advancing your career.

    Hugh Latif shares his wealth of experience so you can hone your leadership and general business skills – precisely the skills you require to achieve your business and personal goals.


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    Learn About the Author - Hugh Latif

    Hugh Latif has over 40 years of experience in management consulting and general management. Since 1996, his consulting practice has successfully completed over 350 assignments.

    He specializes in strategic planning, sales and marketing, succession planning, advisory board governance and business turn-arounds.

    Previously, he held senior executive positions with the Dun & Bradstreet – A.C.Nielsen Group in Canada, Italy, Brazil and France, where he used an “out-of box”, Maverick Leadership approach to drive significant revenue growth.

    In his book, Maverick Leadership, Hugh shares his insights about the fundamentals of leadership and business success.

    Hugh has a BA in Economics from Cairo University and has completed the Advanced Management Program with INSEAD of Fontainebleau, France.

    He is affiliated with and a member of associations across North America the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, The Italian Chamber of Commerce, The BDC Consulting Group, The Canadian Professional Sales Association and others. He serves on many private advisory boards.

    Hugh is fluent in English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

    Testimonials and Reviews from our Readers

    • D Kelly"Too often, small business owners are given empty platitudes about the importance of growth and leadership. Other times, advice received is too granular, leaving most business owners feeling left out. Maverick Leadership strikes a great balance between solid, practical advice and broader, strategic thinking that is important for a firm to excel. I learned a great deal from reading the book." — Dan Kelly,President and CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

    • "Maverick Leadership is the business partner you always wanted. This book is focused on practical solutions and a decision-making framework that will lead to your success." — Michael Dennis, CA,CGA,CPA, Partner, Segal LLP

    • R Shaw"Maverick Leadership consistently illustrates how Hugh has been such a successful leader throughout his career. He invites you along for the ride. A ride well worth taking for any business person at any level." — Richard P Shaw,CMC, President, EnPower Group

    • "There's lots of business wisdom in this concise read. Hugh avoids trendy management theories and instead gives the reader practical advice on how to set up winning conditions in your enterprise based on years' of hands-on experience." — Neil Millard, Director, Consulting Operations, Business Development Bank of Canada

    • J Amernic"Hugh Latif has had a very successful career and has worked all over the world with all kinds of organizations. He draws from this wealth of experience in his excellent book, Maverick Leadership. Hugh is also a great communicator and this book is exactly what it says — practical advice to general managers, entrepreneurs and executives. He explains in an easy-to-understand format how to build a business and sustain it. The book is really about people and how to make a business work." — Jerry Amernic, Author and Media Consultant, Wordcraft Communications

    • "Maverick Leadership is a book for business professionals who struggle with focusing on what's important when faced with all the challenges of today. Whether you are an experienced executive or an entrepreneur looking to move your business to the next level, this book will help you stay focused on achieving success. A truly Maverick approach . . ." — John Petruskavich, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Operations, Halo Metrics Inc.

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