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John Petruskavich

Hugh brings a wealth of practical experience and expertise in a number of business disciplines to our management team’s strategic process at Halo Metrics. He has a unique talent for ensuring we are always considering alignment with our overall strategy each time we’re making decisions that impact our business. His separation of the tactical and strategic parts of our focus ensures we never lose sight of the importance of both pieces and the relationship between each of those parts.

Hugh keeps us focussed at a high-level, with respect to strategy, and keeps us from getting stuck in the minutia that pulls at us each day. He is also careful to remind us to make sure we never lose sight of our revenue targets and customer focus while working on the pieces we’re implementing to strengthen our business and processes.

Hugh has helped us develop and update some of the models and tools we’re utilizing to strengthen the functional areas of Halo Metrics. By bringing practical examples and suggestions forward from his pervious experiences, we are able to gain insights from perspectives we might not have considered.

While Hugh has proven to be a valuable asset to the management team in our strategic process, we have found other ways to leverage his strengths. Hugh has become a coach to some of the members of our management team on an on-going basis. As one of those being coached by Hugh, I have come to rely on his experience, perspective, and insights to help with my professional development goals. I value his commitment to and ability to minimize the “noise” and focus on the parts that add value.

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