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Bob Fulton

Fulton Windows contracted the services of Mr. Latif through the BDC Consulting Group in September 2004 and have retained him on contract through the present time. Hugh Latif worked with us initially to develop a comprehensive business strategy and plan. He also worked with the senior executives of the firm in a coaching capacity, helping them develop clear goals and plans. Hugh’s strengths and greatest passion are in the areas of organization structure and strategy and in sales and marketing.

Hugh has been very effective in the above roles within our firm. He has become a trusted business confidant and mentor. He brings a high level of enthusiasm and positive attitude to meetings and projects. He has a keen sense of clarity and has always helped us to focus on the highest impact opportunities first and to formulate plans and measures to tackle bigger issues long term.

Through this working period in addition to above, Hugh has provided good strategic advice through an acquisition process. He has been instrumental in executive level recruiting and assessment and helped source various other support services as needed. He is very helpful and resourceful. He offers all this at an exceptional value when weighing his very reasonable fees against results. He truly cares and wants to be part of his client’s success. This is definitely a motivating force for Hugh.

I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Hugh Latif to your organization for any of these areas of need.

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