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My parents taught me the importance of saying “thank you.” They passed the importance of appreciation along to me. Recently, when I read about a 2012 research study “Turning Thank You into Performance,” I thought how amused my parents would be to hear that “thank you” is now credited as one of the keys to corporate success! The study found that companies that provide ample employee recognition and appreciation have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates than companies that don’t.

Make the connection

Posted on January 04

When you drive on the 407 Highway north of Toronto, you see a large sign with a drawing of a seatbelt. The sign reads, "Make the connection." It is a great sign because it subliminally reminds drivers that in the event of a collision, seat belts save lives—it is critical that drivers make the connection.

My mom was an excellent cook. Her recipes were simple but delicious. She used to tell me that her secret was using fresh ingredients, enjoying the cooking, being consistent, and not cutting corners. But what does this have to do with management? To a large extent, good management also relies on a few steps that, if performed well, will result in good business performance. Cut corners or engage in sloppy execution and the outcome will be poor.

Are You Productive or Just Busy?

Posted on September 28

One of the most common things you hear people say today is that they are busy. I could not do this or that because I was busy. Sorry I forgot this; I was busy. I haven’t seen you in ages; I’ve been so busy. I want to find time for the things I like doing, but I’m so busy. But is being busy the same thing as being productive?

I often wonder how we managed before the advent of cell phones. There was a time when we all had wrist watches to tell the time, a small notebook to write notes on the go, an agenda to manage our appointments, a paper map to know how to get where we wanted to go, a wallet with money, credit cards, and yes, of course, a landline telephone to call friends and associates.

Overcoming Founder’s Syndrome

Posted on September 02

Tony’s business grew steadily after he developed a popular software solution for the restaurant industry. He’s added a couple of new apps and set his sights on expanding into the hotel sector. But despite his success, Tony began suffering from “Founder’s Syndrome” – a typical ailment of new entrepreneurs. Fortunately, it is curable.

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