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Why I Like Dividend Paying Companies

Posted on December 15

(Helping young entrepreneurs invest for long term capital growth)

If you are a young private investor looking to achieve a consistent reasonable return on your investment in stocks, selecting exclusively companies that pay a dividend may be a good recipe you would like to consider. I will share with you my experience and hope you find it helpful and practical. As always, I will give you my recipe, you put your ingredients.

Using song and worship to reach homeless and others on the streets

Posted on November 29

Hugh Latif and David Molyneux play gospel music, serve refreshments and offer words of hope to the homeless and others.

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Cathy Dignard

Posted on November 24

Hugh is very knowledgeable in business operations and how to plan strategically for controlled growth. Our team has great ideas but we lack at planning and implementation. With Hugh’s guidance we feel confident that we will now be able to move forward and make some great progress. Hugh was understanding of our daily workload but reminded us of our desire to grow and the importance to put the effort in for great rewards in the future.

Association of Small Grocers Raised Alarm over Bread Prices

Posted on November 14

Canada's smaller grocers noticed that the country's two dominant bread suppliers were raising prices in lockstep, triggering complaints that were passed long to an industry association and then to the Competition Bureau.

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Business Failures

Posted on November 13

The media has been covering the failure of SEARS CANADA, which filed for protection in June, and Toys R Us, which recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy with a $3.1-billion financing package. That was the largest ever for a retailer. Most experts agree that  the changing preferences and shopping habits of consumers are behind these large business failures, and there is no doubt that online shopping and reduced traffic to traditional shopping malls have something to do with challenges  most retailers now face.

Sears Canada Making Plans for Potential Liquidation

Posted on October 12

Operating at a "substantial" loss, Sears Canada Inc. is preparing for a total liquidation soon.

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How to Recognize Strategic Errors in Your Business

Posted on September 07

While strategic decisions are key to a healthy business, errors in strategy can be fatal because they deal with the direction the business is going.

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Employers Cite Costs of Ontario Workplace Reforms

Posted on September 07

Hugh is featured in the Canadian HR Reporter speaking out on the labour reform set to become legislation this Fall.

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Seven suggestions for successful acquisitions

Posted on September 01

A company wants to speed up its growth, gain new resources and/or assets. Going "solo" through organic growth may work but takes longer to achieve. So the company considers acquisition. It's like constructing a new house versus buying an existing one. Buying an existing house makes you the owner overnight compared to having to wait until the new house is built.

[Canadian Metal Working] 7 Suggestions For Successful Acquisitions In The Metalworking Industry

Posted on August 17

Read my guest post on Canadian Metal Workers for seven suggestions designed to smooth the acquisition process.

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