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What do you do?
We help small and mid-size privately owned Canadian companies create growth or better manage growth. We help management increase their revenues and profits as well as put in place a good strategy.

What services do you provide?
We work with management assisting them in developing strategies, tactics and business plans to help them grow their business. We advise them on business issues and suggest solutions to the problems they face. We also coach and train their managers.

What is a Strategic Plan?
Strategic Planning is a Road Map for the business. It consists of a plan that identifies where the business stands today, where does it want to go and spells out how to get there.

What is a Business Plan?
A Business Plan is a written document that describes the future direction of a business. A business plan explains the business concept, summarizes its objectives, identifies the resources that will be used and tells the reader why the business will succeed.

Can you give us an example of the type of consulting assignments you do?
We have successfully completed a wide variety of assignments (over 300 completed assignments since 1996). For a sample of the types of consulting assignments we undertake, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

What do your clients say about your services?
For testimonials and clients’ feedback, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Consultants have a reputation of not adding value; they take your watch, tell you the time and charge you for it. What do you say to that?
Not all consultants are good. Not all consultants are bad. We take pride in our work. We only accept assignments where we are confident we can get the job done. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee. For a comprehensive list of testimonials and clients’ feedback, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

How does your Full Satisfaction Guarantee work?
We guarantee our clients’ satisfaction with our services. If, for any reason, they are not satisfied with our services, we will work until they are or reimburse any fees they have paid.

How do I know if you will be able to help me with my problem?
Prior to taking on a consulting assignment, we present a proposal that spells-out what is the assignment, how are we going to do it, what are the deliverables, how long the assignment will take to be completed and what is the investment the client will make. This proposal becomes our "working order".

What is your expertise?
We provide a wide range of general consulting services but our specific expertise is in strategy, sales, marketing and succession planning. We also have solid expertise with organizational development and executive coaching.

For other functions such as operations, production, finance, human resources, executive search, IT and other specialized fields, we have alliances with carefully selected consultants that we refer clients to. For other members of our team, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

What type of businesses have you worked for/with?
We have worked on a good variety of businesses including Start-Ups, businesses in the Growth Stage and Turn-Arounds (businesses in trouble). We specialize in small and mid-size businesses with annual sales ranging from as low as $500,000 to $30 million.

Where are your clients located?
Most of our clients are located in the GTA and Southern Ontario. We have a handful of international clients.

What is an Advisory board?
An advisory board consists usually of a representation of the ownership and management of a company with one or more external advisors. The advisory board meets on a regular basis to advise the CEO (owner – President) on strategy, business policies, remuneration etc. The advisory board is similar to a board of directors in public companies. For more on boards and corporate governance, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

What type of industries you worked with?
We have done assignments with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, business services and technology companies. For a sample of assignments, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Can you describe briefly the process you follow in advising a client?
Let’s assume the ABC Company has come to you because their sales and profits have been down for the last three years. They have been unable to grow their business. What do you do?
This is a typical assignment. We interview the management team members. We review the management’s previous work, analysis, research, actions etc. We review the market place dynamics including customers’ needs and competitors and conduct our own research. We discuss with management possible solutions and alternative actions to “re-ignite” the company’s “sales engine”. We, together, establish a plan that usually spells out the objectives, the milestones and the resources needed to get the job done. We usually also put an incentive plan to reward the achievement of the desired objectives.

While this is the "usual plan", many issues ("curved balls") surface during the process. Here is a sample: Managers in the wrong place or with the inappropriate set of skills, office politics, family issues, bickering and rivalry between managers, lack of team play, greed of owners etc.

These and other problems represent obstacles to the proper execution of the plan. We "deal" with these problems as best as possible, while keeping our independence and objectivity. Our past experience and diplomatic skills come into play to suggest practical solutions that can overcome these obstacles effectively.

Aren’t large consulting companies better equipped to render service vs. a small firm like you?
We provide a comprehensive range of services without the overhead of large consulting firms. What you see is what you get. You have experienced senior consultants working with you rather than recent business school graduates. Our consultants have proven their expertise and achievements in their respective fields. You do not get academic and intellectual suggestions but practical and down-to-earth advice and counsel. Our expertise emanates from “battle field” experience rather than academic knowledge. For team members profiles including their academic achievements and professional designations, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Over the last three years or so, the media covered many scandals with several consulting firms. How can I be sure that your consultants are ethical and professional?
Our small consulting practice takes pride in our code of ethics, integrity and adherence to the highest professional standards. Our consultants are chosen carefully and their ethics come before their expertise and field of experience. Our reputation and track record speaks for itself. For testimonials and clients feedback, PLEASE CLICK HERE. For our code of ethics, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Are you affiliated with other companies?
Our firm is a member of several professional associations including The Experion Group, The Canadian Federation of Independent Business, The North York Chamber of Commerce, The Toronto Board of Trade and a past member of The Association of Corporate Directors and The Association for Corporate Growth. We also are counselors with The BDC Consulting Group and serve as an Agent with Dun’s Marketing Services.


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